Geological Survey of India

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Geological Survey of India(GSI), the premier earth science organisation in the country, effectively shoulders the responsibility of providing vital earth science information towards various developmental activities of the country. Apart from systematic generation and updating of geoscientific knowledge, the functions of GSI encompass wide spectrum of earth science activities such as geological, geophysical and geochemical mapping, specialised thematic studies, ground and airborne surveys, marine surveys, and geoenvironmental studies. GSI undertakes the responsibility of locating and exploring all natural resources (except oil, gas and atomic minerals), the essential inputs for industry, fuel and power etc. The thrust of GSI's activities are guided by the National priorities and policy directions as a sequel to new National Mineral Policy and liberalisation measures. With the changing national priorities, the functions of GSI have also been moulded and diversified with addition of new disciplines to meet new demands and challenges.

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